What’s the novel about?


When does the killing of political leaders become morally justifiable? Killing the Hitlers, Stalins and Pol Pots of the world is easy to justify. Murderous tyrants need to be killed. There is a moral duty to present and future generations to kill them. But what if our leaders are merely idiots, or perhaps corrupt, petty tyrants who are not in the same league as Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot? How much damage can we allow them to do, how many of our rights can we allow them to take away, before killing them becomes justifiable homicide?

In Justifiable Homicide, a small group of patriots believes that some of our leaders have already crossed the line and decide to do something about it. They identify potential targets for assassination and start going through the list. When Robert Paige, a Miami-based accounting professor with some firearms and martial arts training, learns that one of his friends is on the list, he decides that he must do whatever is necessary to stop them. The problem is that he does not know who all the cell members are or how to stop them.

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